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Roo McKeller

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June 08, 2020

Roo McKeller presents... Contemplations. A journey into some of the most beautiful progressive sounds around, every 2nd Monday from 8pm on Safehouse Radio.

Contemplations 004For as long as he can remember, music has always been Roo's vehicle for expressionism. It is without doubt the universal language of us all, the one thing that stays when everyone else has gone. Over the last 30 years, Roo has honed his skills as a vocalist, songwriter, music producer & recording & mixing engineer & is now considered by many to be the top in his field in the South West. He has written songs, produced music & recorded for numerous established acts around the world.

Having cut his teeth on synth pop & rock as a teenager, Roo has been performing on the live music scene ever since as a keyboard player & singer, but it wasn't until the mid 90's that he was introduced to the club scene & fell in love with the dance genre immediately. With the kind generosity of a DJ friend, he picked up vinyl DJing very quickly, securing regular slots at The Monastery & Claire's in Torquay, The Dance Academy & The Candy Store in Plymouth & numerous other venues & festivals.

Roo's first love was Hard House & has had several releases under the alter egos Mad Max & The House Of Light. His early tracks saw him secure number 1 spots around the world in the Hard House charts & also airplay on BBC Radio 1. His biggest track, Bring Out The Gimp (Shock Records) topped the Hard House charts around the world & featured in the sets of many of the biggest DJ's at the time.

Through the natural course of inquisitiveness & open mindedness, Roo eventually discovered his true passion, Progressive House & Progressive Trance & has had several Progressive Trance releases under another alter ego Metamorph over the last 5 years.  Since being invited to join Safehouse Radio, Roo is now a major part of the admin & production team & has had the opportunity to witness firsthand the current trends of Progressive by following huge names such as Airwave, Galestian, Dezarate & Eelke Kleijn, who all have shows on the station & as such is now leaning more towards their style of Progressive production for the true freedom of expression it brings. He is now set to release tracks on major progressive labels under his own name, the first of which is due out late 2020.

Watch this space...! 

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Phil Langham

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November 09, 2017

Phil Langham will tranceport you from the everyday bump and grind on beautiful Journeys Through Uplifting Trance every Saturday from 6pm. Not to missed!


Having got interested in dance music right from the early days of Chicago House, Phil went through a few genres before settling on Trance music in the late 90s and started recording sets that later became the Journeys Through Uplifting Trance series. This in turn became a weekly radio show.

The show isnt a race to get out promo's and new releases as quickly as possible, but more of a history of Trance that has been active since 1999.

Phil has also done many guest mixes for the likes ofOri Uplift's 'Uplifting Only' (every Wednesday from 5pm on Safehouse Radio), Trancer recordings, 'Uplifting Selections' and many more. He has also mixed compilation albums for Verse Recordings.

He comes from a musical background, thanks to his father who is a muti-instrumented musician. Phil did some Club DJing in the mid 2000s but these days he's more of a family man, letting the music do the talking during his show.

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December 23, 2013

For the very latest and best in all things progressive, Airwave graces Safehouse Radio with his amazing, cutting edge tech sounds every 4th Saturday of the month from 4pm. Be sure to tune in for 2 hours of gorgeous tracks from the world of Bonzai, with his show Progressions.

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Today aged 40, Brussels-based Airwave (official name Laurent Veronnez) needs no Introduction to any Dance music lover in the world.

At the age of 20 back in the 90’s, his records (Innerspace, I Want to Believe, Above the Sky, Alone in The Dark, Ladyblue, Save Me, were the biggest hits ) got played by the already biggest DJ’s of the planet, with regular spins from the likes of Oakenfold, Sasha, Digweed, and a few newcomers from the Netherlands, named Ferry Corsten, Tiesto, and Armin van Buuren. The latter gracefully collaborated on two great records, including a smash hit called Sunspot.

In the Business for more than two decades and still among the people who can be considered as at the top of their game.

With an abyssal discography under different aliases over the years such as Airwave, Lolo, Planisphere, The Green Martian, and too many others to mention, the man was a the roots of the development of Progressive Trance all over the World. Countless productions, remixes, collaborations with the likes of Above & Beyond, BT, Markus Schulz to name just a few, are part of Airwave’s history.

The three first albums, I want To Believe, Touareg, and most importantly the infamous Trilogique, can be counted among the people’s favorite albums throughout the emerging scene.

For nearly a decade now, Airwave has decided to dig deeper into the sound of Progressive and developed a new subculture together with his colleague John 00 Fleming, clearly marking the difference between them and the Mainstream Trance scene. The culminating point of this new move took place with the release of Parallel Lines, Airwave’s 4th artist album, at the end of 2013, and subsequently a myriad of incredible Progressive tracks names Tigris and Euphrates, Gaijin, Sadness in Black and White, A Touch of Grace, and many, many others.

With past tours throughout Australia, United States, Canada, and across Europe and with a packed Tour Schedule, Airwave’s DJ reputation cannot be faulted either. With a total of 11 appearances at Belgium’s finest Tomorrowland Festival, a recent appearance at ASOT hosting a Progressive Stage, and already looking forward to upcoming Festivals around the World, the man’s presence all over the world is almost impossible to miss.

In parallel, Airwave developed a series of Sound Design products in partnership with Oregon, US-based company Pluginguru, products that saw him get kudos from top DJ’s from all sides of the Dance music Industry such as Ferry Corsten and none other than Japan’s finest DJ, Ken Ishii, among others. An activity that surely needs to keep going and with several products in the pipeline as of now already, you can be sure the man’s been a busy bee on all fronts.

On the success of Rain Upon My Skin, his first 2018 effort, and with Time is The Healer coming up as of now, we can already predict a very shiny future for Airwave’s music, at work on another myriad of music projects.

Many consider the man’s music as timeless, his skills being described as “Genius” by none other than Armin van Buuren himself. Many many others consider Airwave as a Legend who silently but surely crafted his part of the modern sound of underground Dance music.

Seeing the music he makes as a natural extension of his soul, you know you can expect the most heartfelt, honest, and human music of the Dance music Industry. 

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